Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pac Man Fever...A Short Story

The Weekly Writing Prompt Story!

Once again I've decided to participate in the weekly writing prompt from Nicole Pyles's website. You can find out more about her and the contest at her blog, "World Of My Imagination" which can be found: HERE. Again, the rules are, can't go over 500 words, must use a predetermined five words (listed below...), there's a week to complete the story and the story needs to be added to Nicole's site.

I really liked this week's picture...lot's of possibilities. Hopefully there will be several varied stories from the picture and these five words:
Tea Bag
So, here it is! Enjoy!

Pac Man Fever

            “Guys!” Ralph Phillips screamed at his three friends who had joined him for a late night drink at their favorite bar, “Mimie’s (except the neon “I” and “S” lights were burned out so the sign read “Mim e”…). “I swear to you, there’s a frickin’ Pac Man following me!” The distressed man had already downed several drinks before the friends could arrive after each friend had received an urgent and confusing phone call asking them for their help.
            “Wha?” James, Ralph’s best friend and fellow lawyer said after almost spitting his drink at a passing waiter. “What are you talking about, man?”
            “You heard me…Pac Man…following me.” Ralph took another drink.
            No one spoke but looked at the friend they thought they knew. Finally Todd, another friend spoke up.
            “Do you mean, like, a Pac Man from the video game? How is that even possible? It’s a digital little…you know…guy.”
            Ralph didn’t immediately respond, but only looked at the men who had come to his aid. “Look, I know it sounds crazy, but he’s out there, just waiting for me.”
            “Which one…the blue one, the red one, or the pink one?” This time Chad spoke. His question caused all three to bust out laughing, each man lost their own personal battle of self-control.
            “All right, all right. You laugh, but when you see those two electronic eyes starring at you, you’ll freak out, too.”
            James stopped laughing and turned to his friend. “I think the first thing you need to do is drink something else.” He put his hand on Ralph’s arm preventing another drink. “Come on, have some tea.”
            Tea…bag that!” Ralph said and lifted the bottle to his lips defying his friend’s thoughtful gesture. After a long draught, he continued. “This whole thing started after work. I stayed late at the office to work on that Planet Hollywood harassment case and I thought I’d stop off at Mimie’s for a drink. After I passed Harrison, I turned around and saw it…an electronic Pac Man. I thought it was the stress from the case, but after I crossed Park Ave, I saw it again. I practically ran to the bar. And then I called you.”
            The three friends looked first at Ralph, and then each other.
            “Look,” Ralph finally said. “If you don’t believe me,” Ralph stood and pointed to the front windows of the bar. “It’s back.”
            Each friend lowered their drinks and looked to where Ralph was pointing. “That demon thing is right there, peering around a corner. And it looks like he’s got a friend with him.” The three men almost fell over themselves trying to get outside to see the thing for themselves.

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  1. What an awesome interpretation of this photo! I love it!! Now I want to know if he was drunk or if his friends saw it too! You conveyed their drinking state perfectly, by the way. And it wasn't over done!

  2. I really enjoyed this, it was fun and entertaining. I really struggled with this picture prompt, hence my lack of submission this week. I didn't even see the little Pac Man until reading this.

    Well done.