Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let The U of U Football Season Begin!

Last weekend, while braving the Saturday Costco crowds, we came across a puzzle, an Eric Dowdle puzzle. And the subject of the puzzle couldn't be better!

If you're familiar with Eric's work, it's wonderful. We bought a Christmas puzzle of his last year and had a blast putting it together over the holidays. The video game junkies (aka our kids...) even participated in putting it together. And so another college football season begins in a few short hours. I would love to stay home from work and try and put together the puzzle in the hours before the game. Unfortunately, I'll be at work.

At Costco, there were puzzles depicting other college football programs, Michigan, Boise State, even BYU. I think the BYU puzzle has only 480 pieces, 20 less pieces than the U of U puzzle (that's how many more times the U has beaten the Y in football...). It just might take a couple of decades, but the Y's program may one day catch the U. You never know...

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