Thursday, July 16, 2015

300 South, Salt Lake City...The View From Above

It started out with a few of us at work looking outside. We took a short break and decided to watch the world as it unfolded below us. We're on the third floor, so not so high up. The reason we gathered was because we saw a police car stop and give assistance to another driver.

We then wondered from where the police car originated. I got out my camera, took a few shots, then zoomed in to properly identify the city.

And because we were on a break and I had my camera in hand, I decided to take some random shots of the people walking/running below. And here's what I saw.

The Runner

The Cowboy

The Walker

The Music Listener

The Food Cart Guys

The Worker

I kept thinking as I snapped the pictures that these people had absolutely no idea they were being photographed. I've heard that there are security cameras everywhere in our modern world, so it's something everyone should get used to. 

And so you see the view we had of 300 South between State Street and 200 East in Downtown Salt Lake City as seen from a third-story vantage point around 2pm this afternoon.

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