Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Award On My Cubicle Desk...

All the awards, dozens of them, were all on a table at the far end of the room. Those whose names appeared on all those awards sat together at the opposite end of the room. I suspect it will be the last time we are all together.

We used to meet quite regularly, either in small groups or with everyone. Some were chosen and some volunteered, but each shared the same goal--to not only finish the daunting tasks placed before us, but to do as good a job as possible. And based on the results, we've been told we did both.

I miss those days when were were literally jammed together on one floor with members of three different state agencies all working together to build a computer system. Coming into the group, I had no idea just how big the project was. Those in charge understood the enormity of our assignment, but I doubt many of us on the front lines did.

Today we had what turned out to be a traditional lunch for the teams--pizza and we heard accolades and statistics of our job well done. It seems other states were given the same task. We heard about their results, too.

So now an award, complete with two names--mine calligraphed in the center and the governor's written below--sits on the desk in my cubicle. It's the only award there presently. I could dust off my five-year award, my ten-year award and my fifteen-year award and set them up beside it. I could always unpack my bachelors and masters degrees and set them up, too. There's a couple of other awards that I've earned while working for the state that I've buried somewhere and I could add them as well.

Of course, if I did that, I'd be using almost all my desk space for just awards. Then how would I get any work done? 


I think I'll just let it sit there alone for a while. It reminds me of good times.

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