Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lagoon's CANNIBAL Is Now Open!


News was announced today, news that those in my neck of the woods have been waiting for ever since we saw the huge dark tower rise from the field once roamed by cattle.

CANNIBAL is now open!

It's hard to miss Lagoon Amusement Park's latest ride. The thing is massive! And, because of this new ride I got a job at the park. They're anticipating very large crowds once the ride opens and since the news hit today that it's now officially open, tomorrow's going to be a zoo.

For the past six weeks those of us at the park and those driving by in their cars have seen the ride being tested. Up until a week or so ago the cars were empty. Testimonials from those lucky enough to ride it since have been glowing. They've loved it! I was even offered a chance to ride the beast, but I declined. As my age rises my tolerance level lowers--just one of the joys of aging.

So, for all of you who've waiting until CANNIBAL opened, now is your chance! And if I'm doing the Rainmaker Show when you do go, please come over and get a little wet.

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