Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sill's Café...A Great Place To Eat And To Celebrate A Birthday

The first time I ever heard of Sill's Café was back in high school. I was a freshman and a rock band that toured high schools and put on inspirational shows for us kids stopped by Dear Ol' Davis High School and did an assembly. At night they did a show for a paying audience and since several of my friends were in rock bands, I was part of a group that turned out to be the band's unofficial roadies. In between shows we asked them where they had dinner.

They said they ate at Sill's Café. 

I'd never heard of it.

Then I ate there. And it's a place you don't forget.

That restaurant where I ate and where the motivational rock group ate no longer stands. It was leveled in the name of progress so a new freeway intersection could accommodate the masses. The new Sill's Café currently resides close to the original location, just on the other side of the I-15 in Layton, Utah, in a building that was once a Pizza Hut.

It's amazing how life revolves, adapts and changes--you just have to live long enough to see it.

Today I ate at the new Sill's Café, new since 2008 I believe. We were celebrating my father-in-law's eighty-fourth birthday. He was born a few months before my mom so I always know how old she would be if she was still with us. And she was six years younger than my dad so I can figure out how old he would be if he hadn't passed away over forty years ago.

But today wasn't about my mom or dad, or even Sill's. It was about my wife's father, a man who I've known much longer than I knew my own father, three times as long, actually. He's helped our family in so many ways and I've learned so much from him on how to be a father and husband. I can't say enough how blessed I am to have him and his wife in my life.

So, back to discussing Sill's, you might be wondering how was the food?


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