Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Coolest Theater You've Probably Never Been In...

In the theater world where I live I'm sort of in between worlds. I'm old enough to remember some of the shows (and those in them...) from the 1970s and 1980s. And I've also done shows beginning in this century so I've been in shows with many of the younger generation.

Those of us older performers may know of this theater. I guarantee the younger ones have never heard of it. It's the Lagoon Opera House and I absolutely love it! Today, after doing our first show, I was so successful as a "rainmaker" that the remainder of our shows were rained out. While we waited to get a call from the entertainment supervisor to make sure the shows were canceled, I took a tour and snapped a few pictures. I could have spent the entire day in that theater taking pictures and never run out of things to photograph.

In the halls there are several pictures of shows that once graced the stage. They've been there for decades. I actually knew many of the performers in those pictures.

The reason most have never been in the theater is because the last time anyone did shows in there was probably the mid-1980s. It's been closed to the public ever since--code issues. And it's highly likely it will never be up to code to allow the public back in. 

And it's a shame, a crying shame.

If I had the means (and the permission...), I'd love to fix it up and put something--anything--on that stage. It's a work of art, a beautiful building and for those of us lucky enough to remember it, an amazing theater.


  1. Oh, PLEASE DO! I remember seeing a number of the plays put on there. And Ron VanWoerden was a fixture! It's too bad that it may not be renovated. Thank you for the mention of it.

    1. I'm glad I brought back some good memories! I actually worked with Ron in the Entertainment Department up until he passed away (I can't believe it's been over 20 years...). Maybe one day someone will fix up the place. Here's hoping!