Friday, July 31, 2015

Just Found It Today..."The Black Tapes Podcast"...Flippin' Fantastic!

We live in amazing times. The whole concept of podcasting is remarkable. Practically anyone anywhere in the world can set up a podcast and put in online. From there, it has the potential to reach almost everyone.

So, considering anyone can podcast and imaginations are as unique as each person, the fact that someone came up with an incredible podcast idea like The Black Tapes Podcast is not surprising.

I'm just glad they did!

What I love about this podcast is it combines great storytelling with creative writing. I first heard about this podcast today (while listening to The Nerdist podcast, interestingly enough...). They described it as This American Life meets Serial. If you're familiar with those podcasts, you'll understand how great a combination like that sounds. I would include the podcast Welcome To Night Vale as well (a podcast I used to listen to and loved until...well, it got kind of old for me...) as worthy of comparison. 

The premise of The Black Tapes Podcast is an NPR-type podcast reporter, while pursuing a story, finds herself ghost hunting. The events of the evening intrigue her to the point she wants to know more. Eventually she meets Dr. Richard Strand, infamous in the paranormal investigation world. It's in Dr. Strand's office she comes across The Black Tapes from which the podcast gets its name.

I don't even want to say anything else about the series because I want you to experience it yourself. If you love podcasts and especially loved Serial, you've got to check out this one! I believe Season One is finished and you can download them all. I've only about halfway through the first season, but I enjoy the style and creativity of a production brought to us by people who really love the art of storytelling.

We live in amazing times.

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