Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dusk On A Clear Summer Night...


Last Tuesday night I decided to step out on the back porch to see what the day's sunset looked like. I When I snapped the first picture I was amazed at how clear it was. Usually in the summer the air in our valley gets hazy and dirty. That's because we can go for several weeks without any rain, or even a lot of wind. This July, however, has been absolutely heavenly.

I can't remember a July that's been so nice. It's rarely been in the 90s, and never even sniffed 100 degrees fahrenheit. I'm not a big fan of hot temperatures usually, but this year I have an added incentive to not like the heat. My afternoon job requires I dress in thick wool pants, a long-sleeve shirt, a wool vest and a bowler hat during the warmest part of the day. Once again, I've loved this July!

I took a shot of the moon, then turned my attention back to the gorgeous sunset developing in the west. There was a time when it seemed like I went out every night and checked the sunset. Of all the pictures I've taken in the past couple of years (totaling over 20K on my computer...), I think I've got more pictures of sunsets than cats or dogs or possibly my kids.

So, not only is the air cleaner, we've gotten more rain (which means using less to water our lawns...) and clearer skies for beautiful sunsets. I'll take it any time!

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