Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Do You Call...?

I know I'm late to the party on this (I'm late to the party on a lot of things...), but the other day I started to type in a Google search...

And this happened.

What do you call...?

And Google offered some "suggestions." 

There are entire websites dedicated just to funny Google searches. I do not frequent them. Maybe that's why when I did my little Google search, I thought it funny enough to snap a picture and blog about it.

So, let's provide some possible answers to Google's suggested searches. 

What do you call: Jokes?

Politicians, slow drivers in the fast lane, large orange juice portions in most restaurants, people who love summer temperatures over 100 fahrenheit (see previous blog posts...), diet soft drinks, Las Vegas casino carpeting, lots of other things in Las Vegas and climate change rallies where celebrities fly in for the event on private jets and the crowds leave the venues covered with trash. 

What do you call: Someone from Utah?

Utahn, or Utahan (I'm going to stop here because some would call them jokes or other non-flattering things...).

What do you call: An occupied restroom on an airplane?

Ah...occupied would be a good start, a lifesaver, free.

What do you call: A baby polar bear?

A polar bear cub.

What do you call: A fake noodle?

I usually go with the obvious--a fake noodle, or if in a pinch, a noodle that's not real.

And so some of the random Google search suggestions have found answers. Maybe that's why I don't visit those funny Google search websites. I'd feel compelled to provide some answers.

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