Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Navigator X001V...X Franz Hoff's Pretty Sweet Steampunk Guitar!

You Never know what you're going to see when you go to a Steampunk convention. Oh, there's clothing that no one wears anymore, goggles when goggles are hardly needed and clothing that shows off things that you don't see very much in public--thinks you'd see at, for example, a swimming pool. 

But that's another story, or two. No, I didn't think when I entered the Art Gallery at the fourth annual Salt City Steamfest last weekend that I'd see a Steampunked guitar. 

I snapped a lot of pictures with my phone and thought it would make a cool blog post subject. I found out later that there was a "no pictures" policy in place at the gallery. It makes sense...everything in the room was for sale. I decided to contact the artist, Franz Hoff, and ask him personally if I could feature it in my little blog. He said that would be great! He even provided another picture because the one I took of the guitar in its entirety didn't work out. If you're interested in his guitar or his other Steampunk art, you can e-mail him: HERE.

So, here it is, complete with light up vacuum tubes, old timey volume controls and a guitar no one else in the world has. If you're a player, you might find the non-smoothness of the guitar somewhat limiting. But, what it lacks in possible comfort, it more than makes up for in awesomeness!

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