Monday, July 6, 2015

An Elevated Holiday Observance...

During a "normal" year, we celebrate our country's Independence Day like a lot of people, sometimes attending a parade, spending time with extended family and finishing things up by traveling to some fireworks display nearby.

And that's what we would have done had this been a "normal" year for us. With two of us being in shows and another one of us working with a show--not to mention how crazy it's been this entire year--when we got the opportunity to just relax on a holiday weekend, we did just that. We hardly did anything.

Last Friday night one of my two shows came to an end and I was told that the community where the theater is located celebrates July 4th a day early, complete with a concert at the local park followed by fireworks. Our show ended just before sunset so I called the family and we decided they would meet me at the theater and we could watch the fireworks from the second story of a parking garage that's close by.

Centerville's not the largest town, but they put on a pretty good firework's display. And yes, we weren't as close as the people in the park and yes, the display ended sooner than we had anticipated, but it was perfect for us. It gave us our "fireworks fix" and because we weren't at the park with the masses, we were able to just climb into our cars and head home unabated.

On the 4th we slept in, did not go to any parades, barbecued in the afternoon (watched the Independence Day loop on cable...), then watched and heard as many of the neighbors bought explosives and lit them off. Spending time with family, going to parades and seeing fireworks close up is great fun, but for this year, a nice quiet time at home was perfect.

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