Thursday, October 11, 2018

Apparently, Google + Is Shutting Down...

News hit this week that Google +, the search engine's answer to Facebook, will be shutting down next year.

And to be honest, I'm not sure how exactly I feel about it.

I think my ambivalence surprised me the most.

I've enjoy using Google +, but I'm probably the reason it's closing down...well, not me alone, but people like me. I use Google +. I use it everyday, but as little as possible for someone who accesses the social media program daily. I posted a picture every day as part of my Pic Of The Day process. I've been posting a daily picture since 2011, at least I think I have. I thought it would be fun to see the first picture I ever posted on Google +, but scrolling back to see the first picture I posted on their site would take several hours, and frankly, I'm not really that interested in seeing which picture I posted first.

There weren't that many things to dislike about Google +. As Facebook grew in popularity and began adding all the bells and whistles, Google + stuck to what it began with--a place to post thoughts, pictures, and links to videos and other sites. But what brought me back to Google + again and again were the pictures. I found it a good place to see beautiful pictures posted by both serious and casual photographers. Some of the pictures on Google + are simply amazing.

Google + has communities. I used to check out the photography communities on a regular basis, but I stopped doing that some time ago. Now about the only community I check out is a H.P. Lovecraft thread that I find interesting.

Some of the people using Google + have been vocal about the news since it hit. Most, however, are like me, at least I take their lack of a response as mirroring my feelings on the matter. Who knows--maybe it will be saved and not go away after all. For me, if it does, I'll have one less place to post a daily picture and one less place to see beautiful photographs...

and H.P. Lovecraft stuff.

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