Saturday, October 6, 2018

Few Things As Beautiful...As A Clear Blue Sky

I know I'm like many people who feel that they live in a beautiful place on this planet. To me, that doesn't mean where I live is superior to where everyone else lives; it means the world has many amazing places to call home. 

Of course, some times are nicer than others. We've had a long hot summer, and as summer came to a close, we had some pretty crappy air. Huge fires in the west can have that effect on an area. The other day I walked outside my house after several storms blew through and I just looked up at the sky. 

It was beautiful.

Many who post pictures say that they pictures they took can't do justice of what they actually saw. This is one of those times. The blue was so deep and pure and the white clouds looked without blemish. The scene made me stop and just look and look and look.

In the summer we get dirty air mostly from fires. In the winter the inversions trap pollution in cold air. But in between, there are days that we get like last week. And it made where I live that much more beautiful.

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