Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Finally...Some Rain!

My work space has limited outside views. That happens when you put in a huge desk in a small space. I knew the storm was coming, but I didn't know when. 

I did feel the thunder.

That's when I took a break and stepped outside to experience the first rain we've had in more than a month. Oh, how it's needed! Last winter snow was hard to come by. I think we used our snowblower  only a couple of times. We've had the kind of spring and summer where we could have used above average rainfall. 

Didn't happen.

It was a long dry summer. All last week we were told that the rain was on its way and today it finally arrived. It's raining tonight as well. It was so nice to take a (short...) break from work and hear the rain, feel the humidity in the air, and smell a world being cleansed. I took out the phone, took some pictures, and even a couple of videos.

Some live in areas where it rains everyday. Thirty-three years ago I moved to a country where it did just that. Days like today remind me of that time.

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