Friday, May 22, 2020

If Only This E-Mail Went To Everyone...

So, the e-mail hit earlier today, another ad from Audible...

Or, so I thought.

When I clicked the ad, I saw something familiar. 

My own name on a book I wrote.

Yes, it's been over two years since my book was released. Any self-respecting author would have at least two or three books released since then. All I can say is, I'm working on it.

I thought seeing the ad was cool, then I wondered if others had been sent this particular ad. You get kind of excited thinking of the possibility of many, many people seeing this ad. I mean,, and by extension, Amazon, is endless. The thought made me a little giddy, to be honest.

Then, reality hits and I returned to earth.

I know at least the basics of algorithms--like interests generate like ads. I may be the only one who saw this particular ad. I saw it because, not only did I write the thing, but I bought copies on-line, I bought an audiobook version, and I've blogged about it several times. My digital signature is all over this book, just as much as how my name graces the cover.

Ask any writer and they'll tell you, finishing the book is only Step 1. In many ways, it's only the beginning. I've found it interesting to watch first-time authors and see what they do after their baby has been delivered. And the choices open to new authors for marketing is unbelievable. With money--sometimes, lots of money--you can buy exposure, ads, blogs, reviews. I did not take this path, and many will say, the sales figures reflect that. I'm okay with my decision. A good number of those choices is throwing good money after bad.

Still, on a cloudy day in May when the world is insane, it was fun to see my book in my inbox. Maybe it'll happen again.

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