Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Day Of Daily Pics...

Today was one of those days where I kept seeing things that would qualify for my Pic Of The Day. Usually I'll see something, take the picture, then knowing I've got one, ignore other things that might qualify for the Pic Of The Day.

So, what happens is I end up with several pictures I could use. I'm going to put them all on this blog entry.

Last week I took a picture of some doomed trees. This is what the street looks like now.

Here I tried getting another great shot of a bee on flowers. Unfortunately, I only had my zoom lens on when I went to get my lunch burrito so this was the best I could do. And, the battery on my camera died so I couldn't take anymore. It turned out okay.

At work there's some cubicle re-shuffling going on so many of us are tagging things.

Also at work, many of us put up sports team of which they are fans. Here are some pretty good teams.


Leaving work, I noticed this pattern on the building next to ours. I thought it might make a good Pic Of The Day. I like it.

The last few days we've had incredible sunsets and one of the reasons for this is due to a couple of fires in the area. I picked up my car after work and I could see ash from the fire on my car. I guess the fires are getting closer.

Tonight I went to scouts and took a picture of my sun sitting with many, many folded flags. The flags are scheduled to be retired at a ceremony later this week.

And the last picture is the one that ultimately ended up as my Pic Of The Day. I could have used any of these shots,--I liked aspects of each and I think each one has an interesting "story" behind it. But I wanted to show them all, because had I only picked one and wrote about something else on this blog entry, you'd never get to see the others. I hope you like them!

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