Friday, August 2, 2013

When It Hits...The Curse Of Inspiration

There have been times when it hits, a cursed muse that can strike anytime, daytime, in the middle of the night, while commuting to or from work. Inspiration teases and then its long arms wraps with a vice-like grip around your brain.

For me, my latest bout with inspiration hit around 5am Monday morning. I was having a bizarre dream about sneaking into the set of the new Star Wars film while they were filming. Once inside I was fine--I even tried buying a ring at the gift store/commissary (oh yeah, they had one of those...). But when I tried sneaking out of the area, that's when I ran into trouble.

Of course, the human brain is very complicated and it created a situation where I could escape. This is when I woke up with that ingenious idea still fresh in my mind. I took that thought, and after adding some ideas from timely stories in the news today, I had it!

That's when the curse peers its head around the corner and attacks. I began working on the script and have gotten about a quarter of the way there. I need to next organize and then write the middle before I can begin work on the end. The curse prods, mocks, uplifts...

It's hit me before, this crazy thing called inspiration. Sometimes I've seen a project through to its conclusion. I'm hoping this one works out, too.

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