Thursday, August 22, 2013

Award-Winning Photos, And A Thanks For Participating...

Three days ago I blogged about our little county fair. I took a lot of pictures while at the fair and posted some of them on the blog post. I've gone to the fair many times, but this year was the first time I entered a photography contest. Ever since I got a new camera, I've had so much fun taking pictures. And I thought, 'what the heck...might as well submit some pictures and see what happens.'

I submitted three shots. When we went to the fair I entered the Arts building and while the family was looking at unusually large examples of vegetables, I wandered over to the pictures. I noticed one thing immediately. All the photos were cropped to the edge. I remembered that my pictures had a white boarder. Needless to say, I didn't think my pictures would do well, especially when I submitted them earlier in the week, the guy at the fair said they had gotten in a lot of entries. And I entered my shots under the "Intermediate" class, not the "Beginner" class.

It took me a while, but I eventually saw my photos and to my surprise, each had a ribbon. I didn't get first place, or second, but I got a third place, a fourth place, and a participant ribbon (I guess, it's the equivalent of "every kid gets a trophy," but I'll take it... I like that picture a lot...). Next year I'm going to try and enter some more pictures. I'll crop them and mount them better and we'll see what happens.

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