Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Like To Write Fantasy? Check This Out!

Only A Few Days Left!

Xchyler Publishing, publishers of such fantastic anthologies as Forged In Flames, A Dragon Anthology, Mechanized Masterpieces Steampunk Anthology, A Dash Of Madness Thriller Anthology, and the to-be-released Halloween Day, 2013, Extreme Makeover Paranormal Anthology is doing it again!

This month Xchyler is accepting submissions for fantasy short stories and they'd LOVE to see what you've written, what you're working on, or what you have trapped in your brain screaming to come out and entertain us all!

If you have questions, please go to Xchyler's website: HERE, or their Facebook page: HERE and see what you need to do to take a little risk and see what happens. I can tell you from personal experience that the people at Xchyler are professional, smart, and want what you want--to publish great stories for us to read. 

Good luck and happy writing!

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