Friday, August 9, 2013

Orange...You Glad There's So Much Orange Out There?

I spent much of the day writing and because of that, I didn't take many pictures until this evening. I threw on the micro lens and took some close ups of some roses, dinner, an unwanted guest, and another brilliant sunset.


It wasn't until I downloaded the photos that I noticed orange--a lot of orange--in the shots. Even the spider has some orange in And, I know, the pasta isn't as orange as the rest, but it's in there.

Taking a picture of the spider was a little tricky. The screen on the back of the Nikon does not show the picture in the viewfinder until after the shot is taken. I had the camera within an inch of the thing when I took the picture. Had it moved suddenly, I would have freaked out. My kids would have gotten a kick out of that, I'm sure.

Of course, with digital, I took many many pictures tonight. Some good, others...not so much, but that's part of the fun of photography. It's unreal just how much beauty is literally a few feet from where we are, and the's amazingly beautiful almost all the time.

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