Monday, August 12, 2013

Robintinos, No Más...

Say the word "Robintinos" to the friends with whom I grew up and, if they're like me, a myriad of thoughts and feelings flood into their minds. Years ago we spend so many nights at Robintinos. We had great times. Now, the restaurant we knew is gone.

Robintinos still exists. The restaurant relocated a few blocks south of where it once was, from where we knew it best. It sill serves Italian food with a touch of American thrown in. I've only eaten at the new place (it's not so "new" anymore, having moved years ago...) only a few times. It's just not the same.

Why the difference? I believe the menu hasn't changed. Sure, there's a new building and new staff, but the food should taste the same. But, to me, it will probably never be the same because my friends no longer join me at Robintinos at least a couple of times a week. And even if they were around, we're not teenagers again, able to eat large amounts of food at all times of the day and/or night.

After Robintinos moved, a couple of other restaurants tried their luck in the building. Each failed. The current incarnation is a pizza/salad/pasta buffet place that, if by tonight's standards are any indication, appears to have some staying power. Still, even though most of the restaurant has been completely remodeled, I still remember--and miss--those good times.

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