Sunday, August 4, 2013

When You Wish Upon A Car...

Tonight I saw the Jeep for sale as I drove up a hill by my house. Now, I need to say from the beginning that I am not a jeep person--not that I don't want to be, but I've never found myself with the available funds to enjoy Jeeps.

When I think of Jeeps, I automatically think of my brother. He IS a Jeep person. He was even president of a 4 x 4 organization in Moab, the Mecca of Jeeps and other off-road enthusiasts. He loves Jeeps and has owned several over the years.

So, when I saw the Jeep and the fact that it was for sale, it reminded me of my brother for another reason. He loves looking at cars that are for sale. When we would gather for Sunday dinners at my mom's house, he would talk about one or several vehicles he saw for sale. And when I participated in such discussions, I caught the "it would be cool to have that car" bug (by the way, my weakness when it comes to cars are VW's...). I admit, thinking about owning different cars is fun, but it has it's downside, too.

As with a lot of things, wishing too much on stuff you don't have can be discouraging. In fact, it can down-right depressing. So when I see a cool piece of Americana perched majestically on a street corner, and it makes my mind think about actually owning that thing, I realize that buying an antique vehicle is probably not the best decision to make at this time. My brother, however...he may think otherwise.

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