Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nicole's Story...


We met in a theater years ago. We were cast in a show. We met again in a different theater this year--same show. Since we did the show the first time so much has happened to Nicole, marriage, job changes, and the latest news...she and her husband are expecting. Seeing her with the kids in the cast, we all knew, she'll be a wonderful mother.

Nicole created a blog and shared the wonderful news with friends and family. The first time I read her blog she explained in detail the situation with their pregnancy. The news was not good and the young first-time parents were given information as to their "choices." 

It's easy to be noble when times are good. A truer measure of a person's character can be found in the decisions they make when life ebbs to the low end of the curve, when the adage we tell children that "life is fair" no longer applies and is, in reality, a lie.

Not to go into detail of the situation, but the decisions they are making and the reason they're making them have been an inspiration for me. They're showing incredible strength and courage. I wonder if I could be that strong.

This could be a post about politics and the state of healthcare in our country, but it's not. It's about a couple who are guaranteed pain and heartache and trials no couple should ever have to bear. Yes, they know how bad it can be and accept it anyway. They're willing to sacrifice their own lives to give something to their child that only they can provide. They will answer the question, what is the cost of a human life? To the brave family, God bless.

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  1. It is amazing what gets thrown at some people and you do wonder why they have to go through such horrible times. I hope Nicole and her husband and family-to-be find the strength they need to cope with the circumstances they find themselves in.