Friday, August 23, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con...It's Coming And I'm Going!


I got an e-mail late last night and in that e-mail, there contained a schedule, a schedule of events for the upcoming first annual Salt Lake Comic Con. The schedule listed topic after topic of amazing panels that will take place September 5-7, 2013 at the Salt Palace. We're only 12 days away...

The e-mail came from my friend, Blake Casselman, a person I met at a literary conference in 2012. He and author Michaelbrent Collings put on a screenwriting discussion and I was impressed--the guys knew their stuff! Blake talked about the sheer amount of writing he has been able to complete and when people asked him how he was able to write so much, he said, "I don't watch TV." Good answer.

Since that day I've been fortunate enough to become part of the Utah Filmwriters Facebook Group, a group Blake runs. They meet twice a month and discuss each other's scripts as well as the craft in general. Due to my schedule, I haven't attended as much as I would like, but the times I have gone have been well worth the time. There are some very creative people there.

So why did Blake e-mail me late last night? Blake is one of the producers of the Salt Lake Comic Con. He wanted to let those participating in the panel discussions know what their panel schedules would be. I scrolled down and saw that my name appeared three times, so that means...


Between then and now I'll post which panels I'll be on and when. So, if you're going, come up and say 'Hi!"

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