Thursday, August 8, 2013

Writing On Milk...

I believe anyone working at an office, or in an office setting must at some point deal with the dreaded office refrigerator and those who do the cleaning. Today--Thursdays--are our cleaning day.

Hence, the labeling of the milk.

I've worked in some offices where the fridge cleaning service went a little overboard in their adherence to their cleaning creed. "Every Friday, if it's in the fridge after the office closes, it gets tossed." I learned this lesson the hard way. I bought a gallon of milk and put it in the company fridge not knowing of their cleaning policy.

I paid the price.

The following Monday the entire almost gallon of milk was gone. Fast forward 20 years and I now work in a different office, one where--depending on who's assigned to clean the fridge--the rules of cleanliness differs from person to person. Last week my milk was tossed because I didn't label it. Today I made sure everyone knew who's milk it was. I checked today after the cleaning and it's still there.

Oh, the things you learn at work.

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