Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Gone, But No Viral Video...

So, after my son endures an hour getting his wisdom teeth pulled from his mouth, I asked him as we're driving home how he was feeling.

I did NOT get from him an answer worthy of a viral video. You know what I'm talking about, when parents film their kids after such surgeries and the kids say amazingly funny things and the film is uploaded to YouTube and it goes viral seen by millions of people.

He did NOT utter deep-seated feelings long buried so as not to embarrass a teenager. He did NOT tell me of his dreams, or secrets or hidden crushes or any dissatisfaction with my parenting abilities.

If he had mentioned such things, I would have tried to capture the moments and transferred them to my computer, where I would have created (hopefully) a creative video, uploaded it, giving it the opportunity to go viral, and if so, it would have made some nice cash thanks to his inability to think rationally and speak clearly.

No, in a manner typical of him, he calmly said he was feeling fine and could I retrieve his book because he wanted to try and read a little.


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  1. I hope his gums aren't too sore! Brave lad.