Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Lagoon Video...

For the first time in several years, we took the family to Lagoon, the local amusement park that's about a mile from our house. We're so close that, when the wind is right, we can hear the people and the rides and sometimes even the animals at the zoo.

Growing up in the same neighborhood, I went to Lagoon almost everyday in the summer. Back then residents of our little hamlet could get in for free. Looks like those days are gone for good. We didn't rides everyday (except swimming at the huge pool...) be we knew the place. My kids have not had such an education at Lagoon. 

I blog about our first visit last week. We also went back yesterday (Lagoon has a Bounce Back option...) and I took more pictures. Tonight I made a video, not only for my blog, but more importantly for the family. Unfortunately, I could not upload the entire video on this blog--too large. So, here's the last minute. And you can see then entire video if you've got a couple of minutes on YouTube. The link's: HERE.

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