Friday, August 16, 2013

The Worth Of A Comment...

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you've noticed I participate in a writing exercise with several other people. A photo and five randomly chosen words are given to us and we write a short story--500 words or less--and share them with the world.

Since I started writing my little stories, I've gotten to know several other participants (as well as I can online, that is...), and the gals who post the pictures and keep the whole thing going.

Earlier this week I got a tweet from Leanne, a person who posts the photos. She said she couldn't post a comment on my last story--some computer problem. I tried helping, but no dice. I suggested--as kind of a joke, really--that she could post a comment about my story on her blog post. Some people are really particular about the comments that go on their blogs.

She went ahead and did it! Today I read her comment and it was such a nice thing for her to do. She's so much more considerate than I have been in the past. I try to read all the stories people write and I don't always comment on them. It was so considerate for her to do that for me, for taking the extra mile and doing something nice. What little I know her, it's totally consistent with who she is. She's a wonderful writer and her blog is a joy to follow. It you'd like to do the same, here's the like to her blog: HERE

Thanks Leanne!

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