Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Chat At Sunset...A Short Story


The Weekly Writing Prompt

I have to be honest--the two pictures (for me...) really had nothing in common, but I suppose that makes for a better writing exercise. As always, it's a great way to stretch yourself as a writer so if you'd live to give it a shot, here are the rules:

1) Write a story using both photos.
2) Keep your word count to 500 words or less.
3) Submit your completed story to your blog hostess (Nicole, Carrie, Leanne, and Tena) via the inLinkz linky on their sites. (If you need a bit of help with this step, just leave a comment on their sites and they’ll get you linked up!)
4) You have the until next Tuesday to post.
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow! 

Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!

 A Chat At Sunset

"Dad ever take you to a Cubs game?" Susan asked her sister, younger by five years.

"No," Nicole sighed. "Always said he would, though."

"I hear ya, sis. Sounds just like him." The siblings laughed as the watched the waves roll in as the sun set on the beach in Santa Cruz, California.

"He was so cheap!" Nicole said as the pair shared their favorite junk food. "The guy could squeeze blood out of a penny."

"I know! Man! How'd he ever survive the 80s?"

"I have no idea," Susan said as a perfectly proportioned man in his 20s ran passed, his obedient English Bull Terrier happily trotting along side.

"Look at that..." Susan whispered as man and dog continued running along the paved path that separated the bench on which the sisters sat and the sand reaching west into the rising tide.

"Yeah, and the guy's not too bad, either." Susan hit her sister's arm.

"Ouch! Thanks a lot!"

"Can you believe it's been five years since he died?" Nicole said, the tone of the conversation turned.

"Sometimes...but, then again, it's like yesterday he was around, ignoring our calls. I remember that one time. I was ten, so you would have been..."


"Right, Five. And he brought home those bikes he bought at K-Mart, I think. I remember because it was just before he left us and moved to Chicago."

"I think he was trying to buy us off."

"Pretty sure. And he never even watched us ride."

"I didn't even know how to ride."

"That's right! I remember you asked him to help you learn how, and he never did come outside even."

"I don't remember that," Nicole said. "But I do remember the bike. It was red, I think."

"They both were. I was so excited to get that bike, but after he left, I don't think I ever rode it again. It just sat in the garage at the Indianapolis house." The sisters took turns choosing their next nacho.

"Dad sure loved Chicago," Nicole said as another breeze from the sea softly rustled her artificially lightened hair.

"I don't think he ever left the city after he moved. I know he never left Illinois."

"You know," Nicole said grabbing another nacho. "I always felt kind of bad for him."

"Even after what he did to mom? And what about us?"

"I know, I know," Nicole said defensively. "But you know how he was and how mom was. There's no way those two could have stayed together. They'd have killed each was just a matter of time."

"Yeah, but I was so mad at him for leaving. I had to take care of you, and mom, especially after she started drinking more. You were still pretty young, but I remember so much of what happened. It's like he stole my childhood from me. I did a lot of growing up that year. "

"I still miss him." Nicole said.

"So do I."

Word Count: 496

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  1. They remember the good bits although they realise there were a lot of bad bits in the relationship, good story.