Monday, January 27, 2014

Coming Home After Work...

Tonight as I drove home I realized I had not taken one single picture. This has become more and more the norm since things at work have been crazy.


In the past I would go outside for a break and find many interesting things to photograph. The difficult part was choosing one for my "Pic Of The Day."

But today I didn't want another picture of my cubicle (or half-cubicle...), or a picture of the standing-room-only bus ride home as my "Pic Of The Day," so after I arrived home and parked the car, I started taking pictures of whatever I could see.

I ended up on my deck snapping shots of the sunset and the infamous haze that's currently acting like a blanket on our whole valley. It's pretty gross.

I know I should leave my desk more often and check out my surroundings, both for my physical as well as mental health. Maybe I'm using the cold, or the haze as excuses not to go outside.

In fact, I think I'll give do just that tomorrow. But will I? I guess we'll find out tomorrow...

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