Friday, January 17, 2014

Motivational Mail...

"What's this?" I asked my wife as I glanced through the mail.

"We got that in the mail today. I hope we're not the only ones who got it." The piece of mail came from the post office letting us know how much snow accumulation affects mail delivery as well as instructions on the proper way to clear the area around our mailbox.

I didn't think we were the only ones to receive this notice, especially since of all the mailboxes on the street, ours is the most free of snow. I made a point of using the snowblower in front of our mailbox after the last snowstorm.

The answer to my question came as I took the kids out this afternoon to do some D.I. shopping. We were NOT the only ones to get the flyer--everyone in my neighborhood did. And I know this because as we headed out for shopping many of my neighbors were busily clearing snow away from their mailboxes.

I guess this is one piece of "junk mail" that actually got results.

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