Monday, January 20, 2014

Marion Jensen's Almost Super...Is Almost Here!

When I started this odyssey of writing for, not only fun, but for profit also, one of the first real authors I met was Marion Jensen. He was part of a writer's group I wanted to join and the second time we met, he remembered our first meeting. It's a talent I need to work on.

Marion's a quiet guy, at least the Marion I know. He's not jumping up and down screaming, "Look at me! I'm an author!" He's probably using the energy others would use jumping up and down and screaming to think and ponder. He's doing brain "up and down jumps" instead.

Over the past year I've asked him how his latest project was coming along, and he's been able to tell me of its progress, which culminates in the book's release this week. You can order it through this link: HERE. I couldn't be happier for the guy. He's worked hard, honed his craft (while helping many, many others along the way...), and been a class act then entire time.

Congratulations Marion on the book launch and everything! May 2014 be your breakout year! 
(and I hope it's okay I lifted these photos off the internet. If not, just let me know...)

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