Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another Family Tradition...

Years ago, I cannot recall how many, we decided the kids needed a system, a system to prevent arguments. We came up with a plan.

From the picture of the calendar, it's difficult to understand exactly what's going on. Each initial represents one of my children. Back before the system was devised, the kids fought. "What are we going to do tonight?" "What are we going to watch?" Having several strongly opinionated children living under the same roof is a recipe for active and lively discussions when it comes to which child's will will be appeased. 

And so we came upon an idea. There are two days each week when the kids get to choose what they do. We decided that the kids will take turns where they will be in charge. If they want to watch a DVD, the child in charge will choose. It's made life in the home much more enjoyable and we've kept the tradition for years.

A funny thing will take place next month. The oldest child will be leaving and so his turn every other week will be taken by another. I don't think, when he returns, he will participate in this tradition, the same way my wife and I don't participate.

This is just one change that will take place next month, one of many. I suppose we should get ready because, ready or not, next month's coming fast.

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