Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sherlock...A Show As Smart As Its Name


All right...I KNOW I'm late to the party (about 4 years late...) but I finally found Sherlock. Watching the BBC series has confirmed yet again that the British are willing to do something us Americans are not.

They'll sacrifice profits for the story.

I'm not saying that Sherlock won't be profitable. I'm sure it is, but if it were an American production, there'd be 20 episodes each year, just to satisfy what they perceive as our unending need for entertainment. And maybe that's true--maybe most Americans want their shows exactly like that. Personally, I'd rather have less of a better story than more of one not as good.

The British, however, seem to have a different perspective. I can cite several examples. The brilliance of Sherlock is that have basically made three feature films each year and they call it a season. They've bridged the gap between a television show and a movie.

Of course, I haven't said anything about the quality of the show. To its fans, I probably don't need to say anything--they already know. It is many things, but a show (or series...) with the name of Sherlock must be, above all, smart. This show definitely is.

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