Tuesday, January 14, 2014

War Of Shadows...A Beginning

I woke up last night after about four hours of sleep and I had an idea rattling around in my head. It's been a while since I had an idea for a story keep me from sleeping. Here's a very rough draft of the first page.

War Of Shadows

            The message instructed the newly formed team to converge at a new location, a place unfamiliar to each member. Considering the fact that each entity in the group existed before the earth was formed, the odds of finding a place unvisited by five agents were astronomical. The group could, quite literally, meet anywhere on the planet. Without physical forms, nothing prevented the telestial aliens from traveling anywhere at any time. For a meeting like this to be announced, everyone knew this meant something big.
            Some of the agents worked together on past assignments. Others were known only by their well-earned reputations. The five, Micky, Slash, Jewels, Fox, and Tiny (not their real names, of course, but nicknames) represented the upper crust of field agents working today. Anyone speaking their names did so with respect to the abilities and talents of each one.
            Slash arrived first. Looking around, few things escaped the notice of the seasoned professional. Slash prided himself on his punctuality even though others respected his unyielding ruthlessness. Had he the ability to physically kill humans there would be no end to the carnage left in his wake, but since he possessed no tangible body, he did everything in his power to make life of every person he came into contact with as miserable as possible. Slash defined the word bad.

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