Thursday, January 9, 2014

Working New Years Day...

Last week I worked on New Years Day. Now I know many of you work on New Years so you might be thinking "big deal."

Fair point.

It's just that for the past sixteen years, I wasn't required to work on New Years Day, even if there was work to do. This year's different. This year our state turned on a new computer program that could potentially affect every person in the state.

I'm not complaining about working. In fact, it wasn't a bad day to come in. There were about a dozen of us on the floor trying to make sure the work we've all been doing for the past 10 months worked. 

I have been so lucky when it comes to working holidays. Up until this year, I don't know if I ever worked a holiday while at my current employer, not including those couple of years when we had to work Columbus Day. 

 It's been a tough week--I won't kid you. There have been issues with the program, some we knew were coming, others...well, they're surprises. Anyone involved in new computer program roll-outs knows what I'm talking about. Monday begins a new week and a new chance to improve things. But one thing I'm sure of, or pretty sure of. I don't think they'll let me work next New Years Day.

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