Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Clif...Thanks For The Memories!

January friend's birthday. I don't know why I remember the day so well. Maybe because it's the week after my wife's birthday (and, for the record, I remember her birthday every year, too--and I know why I remember that day...). Maybe I remember my friend's birthday because the first Gulf War began on this day in 1991, the same day he and I went to a Paul Simon concert in the old Salt Palace.

Maybe it's because my friend is such a quality person.

Yup...I'll go with that.


Thinking of him and thinking this would be the subject of tonight's blog post, I dusted off the old yearbook and took a trip down memory lane. This is a picture of the high school track team my senior year. It pretty much looks live every other track team picture in every other yearbook from 1984.

My friend, who's birthday is today, is the tall one sitting next to the guy with the great hair and the Hacky Sack t-shirt, which, by the way, I silkscreened myself in art class. Those were good days with good friends. My friend now lives in the Northwest, a great father, husband and friend.

Happy birthday, Clif! Stay solid!

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