Friday, January 10, 2014

I Saw The Devil And He Asked Me To Dance...

I saw the devil and he asked me to dance. Normally, I avoid the prince of darkness, but darn it, you should have seen him, comes up all folksy, calls me by name and even shakes my hand. No, really, you should have been there.

"Listen, son," he says. "I've wanted to talk to you for some time. You're a good guy, someone who just wants everyone to be happy," he says. I had to admit he was right. "After all," he says. "you know me--I'm all about making people happy, too. That's why I want you to join me for a party. All the cool people are there. You'll just kick yourself if you miss it," he says.

Looking back, I should have known better. I should have understood that when he said we'd just do a little dancing, he didn't really mean dancing. I keep forgetting the devil lies, that old son-of-a-gun. He said we'd have fun...he did. He said I'd regret missing it...I don't. He said it was all about being happy, which was the biggest lie of all.

I knew I shouldn't have gone, that sad day I danced with the devil. The thing about dancing that I'll never forget, when you're choosing who to dance with, pick your partner wisely.

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