Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Memento Saved...

 Tonight I did a little digging in some boxes in the basement. I was looking for a picture of me taken around 1986. I didn't find the picture, but I did find a memento that's slightly older. In fact, it's from 1968.

After my mom passed away we cleaned out the house. Each of us kids took the stuff my mom collected that had our names on it. While looking for the photograph, I found something I ended up with, something she saved.


This hand print had to have come from either school or church. I'm not sure which. I put a penny in the picture so you can see how little my hand was over 45 years ago...pretty small.

This little plate meant something to my mom (and possibly my dad for he was alive at the time...). And it means something to me. Not so much that I'll know how big my hand was--although, I find that interesting--but it means something to me because I know it meant something to her.

Whether or not it means something to my kids, only time will tell.

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