Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two Book Readings...What A Difference A Few Years Makes

Back in October 2011 I attended my first author reading at a real live book store. I had not planned on attending the official launch of Robinson Wells's Variant. I was with others and they were my ride.

I remember some of the words he said, but not all. I was impressed with him. He had overcome a lot of things, some most authors must overcome, and some not. More than his words, I remember how I felt. It had been a tough day. I attended a writers conference earlier where everywhere I turned people were getting contracts and setting publishing dates. It was my first conference as a "wanna be" writer. It was depressing. I wanted what everyone else had. And to top it off, I attended a book launch for someone I had never met. No offense to Mr. Wells, but the poor attitude was my had nothing to do with him.

What a difference a couple of years makes.

Tonight I went to my second launch at the same bookstore. In the months and years between signings I've grown up. Getting a couple of short stories has helped (I know I can get published...). I also know tonight's author and count him as a friend. I know a lot more about the industry and the hard work it takes to be able to stand in front of friends and relatives in a small room at the Kings English Bookstore on 15th East and 15th South in Salt Lake City and launch a book that bears your name.

Tonight I had a much better time because of the choices I made and the attitude I wanted to have. I had a much better time. I know if I want the successes others are enjoying, I've got to put in the work. That's the plan. Congratulations Mr. Jensen. You did great!

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