Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Loon...By Michaelbrent Collings

The Loon*

I don't read a lot of horror stories. Since I didn't read much in my youth I've spent the last few years trying to catch up on the classics. And there's so many classics out there. I've got a long way to go.

A few years ago I met the author Michaelbrent Collings and for some reason, he's been very nice to me. You can visit his website: HERE. The other day he sent out a message asking if anyone wanted to read his story, The Loon. It seems he had a few extra audio copies to interested readers, or listeners. I was too late to get a free copy, but I decided to go to Audible.com and pick it up anyway.

I listened to the entire nine-hour audiobook in one day.

It's interesting to read a story by someone you know personally because, as the story unfolds, you are reading between the lines to psychoanalyze not the character's motivations, but the authors.

Like I said earlier, I don't read a lot of horror stories. I should have expected a scenario where no one--and I mean no one--is safe, but I kept thinking things might turn out differently (that's my faith in humanity kicking in....got to lose that if I want to read more horror). I thought the way Collings blended horror and science fiction worked well for the story. The story could have worked with one terrifying monster--Collings gives us two. I should also include that the beginning of the book made me squirm...reading it as a dad was brutal!

In short, I liked it. I suppose time will tell if I will become a connoisseur of the genre. If so, The Loon has started me on the path, a path we all know, should not be traveled alone.

* Photo used without permission from Michaelbrent's website: http://michaelbrentcollings.com/portfolio_full_TheLoon.html

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