Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baseball And Mr. Reagan...

Recently, I saw a notice from a friend of mine. He was letting people know that BYU Radio interviewed him for a program they did on baseball.

My friend's name is Rich Reagan and he loves baseball.

Very much!

Rich and I worked together back in the late 1980s. He and I were computer audio technicians at a company called Proficiency. The company folded. I went on to a series of "interesting" jobs. Rich got into the video game industry and was able to live out some of his dreams.

When we worked together I remember him talking about his love of baseball. If you know Rich, you can easily understand how the nuances and subtleties of the game resonates with Rich's brain. When asked why he liked baseball so much he would say that, for the most part, a normal man could play the game. They didn't have to be inhumanly huge, or freakishly tall to excel at the sport. For the most part, I agreed. Of course, this was over twenty-five years ago. A lot of the baseball players I see nowadays are pretty big guys.

I clicked on the link Rich provided and listened to the interview. Rich's portion is sandwiched between two other stories. If you'd like to hear it yourself, click: HERE. You can listen to the whole thing, or just fast forward to 15:00. It goes to 39:00.

Even though I knew of Rich's love for baseball, but the interview showed me how much more that love has grown and some of the incredible experiences he's had with the game and his job. So, if you like baseball and video games, I think you'll find it fun. I know I did.

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