Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two Minutes Of Utter Bliss...

I had kind of a surreal experience today. While at work I was checking out Facebook while on a break and I saw a friend post a YouTube link.

The new Star Wars movie trailer had been released. He commented on the link saying something about how geeked out he was, and when it comes to Star Wars, almost everyone geeks out to one degree or another. I decided to watch it.

My reaction was pretty much all the million or so reactions to the two minute movie trailer. I inwardly screamed--inwardly because I was at work.

What was surreal for me was the fact that I was sitting at work and looking across the street to where the old Centre Theater once stood, on the corner of State Street and Third South in Salt Lake City. It was at that theater where I stood in line and later watched Star Wars IV, A New Hope for the first time. It was Memorial Day, 1977, and I was twelve years old.

And now, thirty-eight years later, I'm in a building that didn't exist decades earlier and I'm watching the video on a computer (also, something that didn't exist like we know it decades earlier...) and a wave of nostalgia of utter bliss washes over me as I recall the magic and wonder I experienced across the street those many years ago.

The show will be here in a matter of months, but for a brief two minutes this morning, I existed both in the past and in the future. What an amazingly powerful thing that short little video was for me.

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