Friday, April 17, 2015

My Son Learns Haiku...He Made Four Of Them Today...One Proud Pop Am I

"Dad, do you know what a haiku is?" my youngest asked me as I relaxed in front of the TV. Of course, I did but I asked him what they were.

"They're short poems. I wrote four of them yesterday."

And so, I had him read to me his poetic gems. Here they are.

Grace jumps on my bed
Rolls around until petted
Purring happily

(Grace is one of our cats...)

The water moves calmly
Then falls off waterfalls quickly
Reaching the bottom

Birds fly through the air
They land on the ground, find food
Then feed their babies

Monkeys swing through trees
Picks apples off apple trees
Munching it all day

Not bad for a ten-year old! The kid's got kind of a nature vibe to his poetry. I like it, but I know I'm biased. I've had some experience in haikus. I used haikus in the talent section of my one and only Space Balrogs Post-Apocalyptic team challenge. I think my haikus were well received.

It's heartwarming when the child of a writer shares his creativity with you. It's going to be interesting to see what he comes up with next!

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