Monday, April 13, 2015

Crisp Rice Treats...

Tonight the Taylors were treated to a real treat. We had a dessert that we never have. The world knows them as Rice Crispy Treats, but we made Crisp Rice Treats a la Trader Joe's instead.

Several years ago we noticed our children (and my wife and me, as well...) were affected by some foods. After doing a little research we discovered that our family has food sensitivities, mostly to artificial things. Each one of us varies in our severity, but basically we eliminated artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from our diet.

At first, it was very tough to find food, but after years of reading labels and doing our homework, we've managed. 

Except we never had homemade crisp rice treats.

Until tonight.

We did a little shopping at Trader Joe's over the weekend and picked up the cereal and marshmallows. It's very hard to find natural marshmallows. We've even tried our hand at homemade marshmallows to some success. Tonight, though, we hit a home run.

So, if you're wanting to have something yummy sans all the artificial stuff, instead of making Rice Crispy Treats, give Crisp Rice Treats a try!

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