Monday, April 6, 2015

Do I Miss The Person I Used To Be...?

Last week a friend of mine posted the following status on Facebook:

"I miss the person I used to be."

I told my friend that I felt bad and could even empathized. I also told my friend that it was a killer line.

The line was great because it made me think...Do I miss the person I used to be?

I went through some old photos that have been stored on my computer. Each one brings a memory or lots of memories. I think all thing considered, I had a great childhood. Sure we went through some tough times--everyone does. But I had amazing friends. I had parents who loved me. I was safe and well-fed (even though as a kid I was as skinny as a rail...). 

I watch my children as they go through their teenage years and I wonder if they're experiencing  some of the things I went through. I'm sure they are. Again, all in all, I had a great time as a teenager. It was tough at times, but the glass was definitely half-full. Well, except for those three years of jr. high school--those were pretty much bad.

Mission, college, marriage, kids, career--they've come and are going. There's a lot of years between being a teenager and where I am now and they've been both good and bad, but mostly good. There are things I do miss, guaranteed. But the person, do I miss him?

If I'm being honest, I'd have to say...


But not enough.

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