Saturday, April 4, 2015

Congratulations Daniel And Carter!

In almost every aspect of human endeavors acknowledgements are awarded for excellence. In film there's the Oscars. In music, the Grammys. Theater has the Tonys and televisions has the Emmys.

In the world of science fiction, there's the Hugo and John W. Campbell awards. Finalists were announced today. Two of the many names announced I knew. They're local and it's great news.

Daniel Swenson's Dungeon Crawlers Radio and Carter Reid's Zombie Nation were among those vying for the prize.

As with anything, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to who is deemed qualified as a finalist. With so many talented artists and authors out there, I'm sure many names could have been listed. Plus there's a whole "political firestorm" behind these awards the past couple of years. 

But this isn't about that. It's about two people that I know who have sacrificed, and do sacrifice for their crafts, have been acknowledged as worthy.

Best of luck, boys! I'll be rooting for you both!

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