Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Utah Valley University's "Roots Of Knowledge"...Amazing!

Roots of knowledge stained glass window installation

Years ago I visited Europe and had the opportunity to tour some famous buildings. A lot of famous European buildings are churches. They tell so much about the culture, not only of the time they were built, but of the generations that followed, as well as how the churches influence the people of today.

There is much to admire in the old cathedrals, the paintings, the architecture, the sculptures and mosaics. 

And there's the windows, the famous stained glass windows. Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame, La Sainte-Chapelle to name a few. Their windows are stunning, breathtaking, beautiful. There's something about a piece of art illuminated by nature that is special.

This amazing art form is not dead, far from it. In fact, there's a project going on right now at a university near where I live that's creating stunning, breathtaking and beautiful art. It's called Roots of Knowledge.

You can find out more by accessing their website: HERE. Click on the link and you'll see just how ambitious their project is. It's massive! And they're looking for help to make it come true.

The people who built those cathedrals and churches centuries ago put everything into those churches. The noble reason they did it was to show their appreciation and devotion to their faith. There were other reasons they worked so hard on those cathedrals, of course.

Today artists have many varied reasons for doing what they do--personal satisfaction, development of their talents, the cultural enrichment of the community and society, financial rewards. Once they've worked hard and the project is done, it's all of us who benefit, and, hopefully, generations who follow as well. If you would like to help with their project, you can click the "Donate Today" button on the website. I know it will be appreciated. It's going to be amazing!

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