Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Your Anniversary's In June...What's Wrong With That? Ah...Playoffs

The other day a co-worker and I were having a conversation. He's one of my sport's friends. That isn't to say he and I participate in sports, but it seems whenever we talk (which is a couple of times a month...), we inevitably discuss sports.

I used to be into sports--my wife would say I still am--but I don't think so, at least not the was I once was. Sports used to affected me and not always in a positive way. I made the conscience decision to reduce my sports intake. I know I'm much more at peace than I used to be.

So, my friend and I were talking. Somehow we got on the topic of marriages and weddings. I remembered a mutual friend of ours that was going to get married soon, so I asked him how he was doing and when was he going to get married. He said our friend was doing fine and the wedding was in June. 

Then my friend said something that I wasn't quite sure I heard correctly. 

He said, "Yeah, that's when I got married, but I kind of wish I had gotten married a little later in the month." I asked, why, and he said, "Because, had I waited a little bit, my anniversary wouldn't interfere with the NBA playoffs."

I was a little taken back. Our local pro team, the Utah Jazz hadn't made the playoffs in several years and the last time they did, they were swept in the first round. I asked what that meant since no local team was playing this year and he said that it kind of interfered with his anniversary, not in a major way, but the games sometimes did.

I guess removing myself from the world of sports has made me think about things differently. I would imagine the two could exist harmoniously together. Of course, my anniversary is in September, arguably the best time for sports. With college and NFL games in full swing, baseball pennant races going on, preseason NBA games and major league soccer matches--it's a sports junky nirvana. So, when we decided to get married in September, what was I thinking?

All photos used without permission from the NBA

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